I'm Bridget, I'm a 22 year old illustrator based in the UK. I’m in my third year of Illustration BA at Falmouth University.

I work mainly on comics and narrative illustration; either about alternate dystopian universes, dismemberment and monsters, or sassy girls, teenage angst and the digital age. I aim to draw things I think are funny, creepy or both. My drawings also heavily feature bald, naked men. My work is inspired by horror stories, the supernatural, Take A Break magazine and b-movie special effects.

I'm open to any commissions so don't hesitate to email with any questions.

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a mini zine on waking in the night by Bridget M


all you need is a printer and some scissors to makeyour own little book

This zine works on the principle of the x-fold, a paper folding technique by which you can make an eight page book from a sheet of A4. Included in the download is the zine ready for printing and folding, and an instruction sheet on how to fold it up. it’ll only use one sheet of paper, and really is quite nice. AND you will learn in the process how to make them!

you can get it FOR FREE as a zip file here:


happy reading and folding


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